Studies in domestics, markings, meanings and labels

My work listens to the mundane and attempts to interpret the narratives which are embedded in our everyday. It draws from domestic activities: habits, objects and intimacy, and looks for ways in which to create paths between the private and the public, between the inside and the outside.

I believe that handmade objects have a physical memory and absorb the essence of their makers. The process of sewing is essential to to me: piercing the fibers allows me to create both a physical and an emotional bond with the material.
Working with old textiles is especially important, my mission is to give discarded handiworks and their creators a new existence.

Heidi's practice incorporates the tactile and the performative, ultimately arriving at a body of work that is both spiritual and deeply grounded in the handmade and physical.
- Julia Harris, Textile Arts Center New York

Studio Visit by Scandinavia House New York: