TEXTILE WORKS: > Mending tapestries

Vintage and used textiles; thread, yarn, jewellery, lace, fabric, embroideries, doilies, tablecloths, napkins.
sizes variable.
photography Nina Merikallio and Heikki Aho.
Chelsea Music Festival photography Matt Harrington.

"Piercing the fabric makes the fibers absorb the intentions of the maker".
-Jasleen Dhamija
The tapestries; layers upon layers of vintage textiles, contain an immense emotional history. The original handiwork in them; their physical memory, is a testament to both skill and perseverance. Created during a period of convalescence - working with the pieces became a beautifully significant and meditative process.

The tapestries are built of pieces of handmade lace, embroideries and fabric, collected from antique and flea markets across the world.
Most have at some point been damaged or discarded. 

Visually the series draws from prayer cloths, thangkas, sandstone carvings, the idea of amulets and charms in tribal hunter's clothing.
The pieces remember from the hands that have touched them, mending together all of their stories.