'Jan -Olof Mallander's Art Collection'
Helinä Rautavaara Museum,
Espoo, Finland

'OIDFA General Assembly and World Lace Congress'
Tartu, Estonia

August 2nd- September 21st
BSB Gallery
Trenton, New Jersey

'A Celebration of Textiles and Community'
10 Year Jubilee exhibition
Textile Arts Center, New York

'Home Sweet Home'
Ann Street Gallery
Newburgh, New York

The Boring Gallery
Lower East Side, New York

'Jerry Saltz: an Introspective'
October 1-7
Lazy Susan Gallery
Lower East Side, New York

'Metro and Bloom: making connections'
solo exhibition
September 4- October 10
Embassy of Finland
Washington D.C.

'Koivu ja tähti idän valossa'
Jan Olof Mallander's Art Collection
June 6- September 16
Rauma Art Museum
Rauma Finland

Site-specific installation , solo exhibition
Embassy of Finland
Washington D.C.

'Sommar Utställning'
Gumbostrand Konst & Form
Söderkulla Finland

Sardine Gallery
Brooklyn New York

'Maailma periaatteessa'
Jan Olof Mallander's Art Collection
Toijan Kivimagasiini, Finland

Textile Arts Center New York
Work-in-Progress Resident May
TAC Manhattan, New York

'Vieno Motors: How to Prepare 2.0' performance and exhibition
Conceived by Ilona Valkonen, curated by Satu Oksanen
(HAM Helsinki Art Museum), in collaboration with ISCP.
El Museo de Los Sures, New York

'Correspondence' exhibition
Curated by Kate Harding
Sardine Gallery, New York

'Mending tapestries' Solo exhibition
Finnish Visual Artist in Residence
St. Paul's Church,
Chelsea Music Festival, New York

'The prettiest table in the World'
Collaboration with TICK system/ Linie 58
ICFF, International Contemporary Furniture Fair,
New York

'CRYING: Tears and Their Traces' exhibition
Curated by Charlotte Farrell
Rox Gallery, New York

'Adress New York', Kaleido productions,
TV Documentary for Yle5, Finland

'Pose in Ivana' performance and exhibition
Ivana Helsinki, New York

'Metro' 'Contemporary Art in Traditional Museums'
The PRO ARTE Foundation
St. Petersburg Metro Museum,

'När jag blir stor...' exhibition
Galleri Vals
Håverud, Sweden

'An Exchange with Sol LeWitt' exhibition
curated by Regine Basha
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art,

'Salon style show' exhibition
Greenpoint Gallery, New York

'Miscelánea' exhibition
Espacio Valverde,
Madrid, Spain

'Sobrestructuras' exhibition
Espacio OTR,
Madrid, Spain

'The Forest' exhibition
Galleri Vals,
Håverud, Sweden

'Metro' 'Qui vive' exhibition
Moscow International
Biennale for Young Art,
Moscow Museum of Modern Art,

'Este no es el fin' exhibition
Galería Mad is Mad,
Madrid, Spain

'Miscelanea' exhibition
Espacio de las Aguas
Madrid, Spain

Brina Thurston's 'Impossible Exchange'
Frieze Projects, Frieze Art Fair,
London, UK

'Swedish Dreams' exhibition
Galleri Vals,
Håverud, Sweden

'Playing House' Solo Exhibition
Espacio Valverde,
Madrid, Spain